Company History

Thriftech Services was started almost by accident. I  started playing around with computers in 1985 as a young kid. My early interests included some basic programming on a Commodore 64, and of course gaming. Through the years technology remained a hobby and I spent all of my free time building and repairing computers, gaming, or doing self directed learning. In 2006, without intention, what would become Thriftech Services started to form.

Camping in the semi

It started with a phone call from a relative. He had his camper parked at a campground in a seasonal site and they had this website that needed to be rebuilt, but they couldn’t get hold of the guy that did the original site. It wasn’t the first time I’d heard the story. Some friend of a friend builds a website in their spare time, and then vanishes. I drug my feet for a while because I had my hands full with life, but the offer didn’t go away so I drove out, had a meeting with them, and they invited me out to take some pictures for a family reunion. They’d want to use the pictures on the site. When I was offered a camp site I could park my semi in, I had my wife and kids meet me there and this is where it really began.

I made it clear I didn’t have much for experience at the time, but when I put together a quick template of what I had in mind they loved it. In addition to that website, I worked on building a few others, one of which was a compilation of trucking information, but was more just a page that held down the domain so that myself and other drivers could use it [the domain] for email addresses.

Office On The Road

Outside of websites I wrote some software for dealing with keeping track of operational costs. I had purchased my own truck, and I wanted a piece of software to keep track of my operations. The applications that were already on the market were useless. For the four years I was over-the-road if I wasn’t driving or sleeping I was working on some project.

In the end of 2008 life took a violent twist when we were told my wife had cancer and that the baby she was carrying likely had some sort of life threatening disability. Needing to be close to home as these events unfolded I entered a college program to obtain my four year degree. While going to college full time, I kept up on existing customers, and helped friends and family with computer and network problems, but I found myself turning away business because I just didn’t have the time.

By the time I finished up my degree we realized that our son required more care than one person could handle. Starting out in a new career would have been almost impossible. Figuring that perhaps working nights might work, I applied for a job that would have had me babysitting servers at night. It was becoming obvious that going back to work wasn’t going to be the best option.

I could have taken many jobs, but it would have meant being absent from them every time something fell apart with my son. Collecting a list of “previous jobs” on my resume seemed worse than having an employment gap, and it really wasn’t fair to an employer. One night as we talked it over one of us suggested that I just stop turning down work from people, start charging them, and see where it goes. Two weeks later Thriftech Services was registered as a sole proprietorship.

Current Focus

When I first started I intended to focus on hardware and networking for small companies. I did a lot of work for individuals, and a few small businesses. It didn’t take long for me to figure out that hardware is not where I wanted to be. As I repaired, and built computers to sustain the business, I started reading everything I could get my hands on for coding and server management.

Today I focus on designing and building web applications for startup companies and/or individual needs as well as hosting them. Word of mouth keeps me busy enough to pay the bills so far, and with my extra time I look for ways to further my education and help others. That’s where the notebook (blog) comes in. I likely won’t keep it all pretty, as the purpose is information not eye candy.

Ultimately when I look things up I have to sort through a bunch of bad information to get to the good. I want a place to dump the good so I can quickly look it up the next time. I could put it in my company’s private wiki, or I can put it on here and maybe help someone else. I’m choosing here.