Convert NEF to JPG

Tested with: Ubuntu 16.04, 17.04

I love my Nikon D7100. I take hundreds, and hundreds of photos with it and I shoot everything in RAW (NEF) format. As a result, when a situation comes up that I need to get the pictures to someone quickly, converting them to jpg can be annoying, and tedious. This is how I quickly convert NEF files from the NIKON to JPG so I can get them to others quickly

First you must have ufraw-batch installed. You can verify it’s installed by opening the terminal and typing:

ufraw-batch --version

The output should look something like this:

ufraw-batch 0.20
LCMS 2.x
EXIV2 enabled.
JPEG enabled.
JPEG2000 (libjasper) disabled.
TIFF enabled.
PNG enabled.
FITS disabled.
ZIP enabled.
BZIP2 enabled.
LENSFUN enabled.

If it’s not installed you can install it by typing:

sudo apt-get install ufraw-batch

If you want the ability to do individual files as well as┬ásome GUI tools, install ufraw as well. Personally if I’m going to edit pictures I prefer Darktable, so ufraw-batch is the tool I needed. To install both run the following.

sudo apt-get install ufraw ufraw-batch

Drop all the NEF files you would like to change into the same folder, then create a second folder to drop your jpg images in. I simply use a folder called jpg since it’s usually temporary anyways. Make sure you’re in the folder with the NEF files and issue the following command.

ufraw-batch --out-type=jpeg --out-path=./jpg ./*.NEF

Go grab a cup of coffee if you have a bunch of them to do.


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