Launch Day…

I’ve spent many years blogging as a hobby but my blogs were always a compilation of different topics. Politics, religion, programming, family, if I was interested in it, I posted it. More recently my wife started blogging and we thought it best to split the blog apart into more focused subjects. As part of that project I decided I’d start a blog for my tech stuff. Not a place where one would expect me to always write out long, thought out posts, but one where I, and hopefully others, would be able to find answers to questions, or use as a reference.

Google is a fantastic tool, but everyone and their brother has a blog now days. On top of that there are a large amount of message boards out there. Many times sorting through the results on Google to find the answer you’re looking for can take far more time than actually implementing the solution. The blog posts here will be not only about helping others, but also about providing myself a way to quickly reference things I need fairly often, but not often enough to remember.

You won’t find much here in the way of Windows information. While I work on Windows for people, I’m not a fan of the operating system and I encourage as many people as I can to just give it up. Most of the information I’ll right on will focus on various Linux distributions.

You’re bound to see a few of my old posts pop up as I move them over from the domain I’m shutting down. It will take me a while to get completely setup, but hopefully as I move forward the blog will become more helpful–for myself as well as others.

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